Features Of The Neodymium Disc Magnet


  The characteristics of neodymium disc magnet, a perma […]

  The characteristics of neodymium disc magnet, a permanent magnet are a modern industry, along with the high-performance magnetic materials of modern industry, promote the field of contemporary technology and social progress, applied in various fields, make sure to make full use of permanent magnet products: magnetic performance; magnet size; Surface coating.

  1. The key to determining the magnetic properties is to control the magnetic properties of the raw materials in the production and development process of the enterprise, according to the demand or the low-end sintered NdFeB raw material manufacturers.

  2. Advanced production technology also determines the performance and quality of the magnet. 3. Quality control in the production process is very important.

  3. The characteristics of a neodymium disc magnet. The magnets are of different sizes and tolerance values, using various shapes, round, rectangular, W-shaped, trapezoidal neodymium iron boron magnets. Different sizes of materials are the processing of different rough cutting tool materials, advanced technology, and machine operators judge the accuracy of the product.

  The characteristics of neodymium disc magnet, surface coating treatment, the quality of the coating material that forms the coating on the surface, zinc, nickel, nickel-copper nickel electroplating copper, and gold electroplating technology. According to different management requirements, research the electroplating options teaching work on product information. A very brief summary of the pros and cons of the quality of production products and services, grasp the performance, dimensional tolerances can be controlled, judge and analyze the appearance and structure of the coating inspection and evaluation. Detect the Gaussian surface of the magnetic flux of the magnet, and other tests; dimensional tolerance, neodymium disc magnet characteristics, the accuracy that can be measured with a vernier caliper; the coating, the color and brightness of the coating, and the adhesion of the coating, and the surface of the magnet can be observed by affecting the appearance effect at the same time Evaluate the quality of the product if it is smooth and clean. This promotes industrial production.

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