SmCo magnet is a kind of rare earth magnet. It is a kind of magnet made of samarium, cobalt, and other metal rare earth materials. Developed successfully in 1970, SmCo magnets are the second most magnetic magnets today, with a high maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax), high coercivity, fragility, and fragility. The maximum magnetic energy product of samarium cobalt magnets ranges from 9 MGOe to 31 MGOe. SmCo magnets have two kinds of composition ratios: (Smium atom: Cobalt atom) 1: 5 and 2:17. [22] For example, the 2:17 alloy has a maximum magnetic energy product of 26 MGOe, a coercive force of 9750 oersteds, a Curie temperature of 825 ° C, and a maximum operating temperature of 350 ° C.
1. Very good coercive force.
2. Good temperature stability.
3. It has a strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
4. Expensive and susceptible to price fluctuations (metal cobalt market price sensitive),
5. The brittleness is large, the impact may cause the magnet to smash, which may cause potential danger.

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