Quality Assurance Of SmCo Magnet


  SmCo magnet products are manufactured and processed b […]

  SmCo magnet products are manufactured and processed by magnet processing manufacturers, but magnet manufacturers believe that the quality of SmCo magnets is checked by both parties. Why do you say that, because the customer's standard is the driving force for the manufacturer's efforts, without the supervision of the customer, it is impossible to compare fake and inferior products?

  Why is it liking the above? It is necessary to analyze the entire process of SmCo magnet production and processing. Under normal circumstances, before processing the SmCo magnet, it is necessary to use bolts on multiple projects to perform accurate and professional measurements. Specialized equipment is required during the measurement process, otherwise, it will be troublesome if the produced SmCo magnet cannot be installed.

  Customers should communicate in detail with the manufacturer and make clear their parameter requirements. Then the SmCo magnet manufacturer can produce and process according to the customer's requirements. From the selection of raw materials, each production link in between, to the final quality inspection, it is necessary to operate by the standardized standard process. Also, the protection for SmCo magnet products cannot be ignored during transportation.

  During the acceptance process, customers check the quality of SmCo magnet products as required, which also plays a role in supervision. Only when the two parties communicate and coordinate with each other can the quality of the SmCo magnet was better guaranteed.

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