Why Do N52 Rare Earth Magnets Have Magnetism?


  ​I believe that many friends are very familiar with N […]

  ​I believe that many friends are very familiar with N52 rare earth magnets. N52 rare earth magnets have a lot of work, which is an object with mutual repulsion and mutual attraction. N52 rare earth magnets are composed of iron, nickel, and cobalt. They have a magnetic pitch. The internal structure is arranged in the same direction, with a north pole at one end and a south pole at the other. Then there are many objects in nature, so why are they not magnetic?

  First, you need to make a sand mold in the shape of N52 rare earth magnets. After making the sand mold, put materials such as copper, nickel, cobalt, sulfur, and iron into an electromagnetic stove and heat it to over 1600°C to melt all the metals into liquid. After they are completely melted, pour the mixed liquid into the sand mold, and then wait until the liquid is cooled to obtain the primary material, which does not have any magnetic force.

  Some people can't help but wonder how the N52 rare earth magnets are made and why are they magnetic? Years of doubts were solved. As we all know, N52 rare earth magnets are divided into permanent magnets and non-permanent N52 rare earth magnets. Let’s take a look at permanent magnets. Permanent N52 rare earth magnets are natural products that can maintain magnetism for a long time without losing magnetism, such as N52 rare. Earth magnets mine, make this kind of magnets.

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