Why Did The Price Of Smco Magnet Rise?


  In the past two years, the price of SmCo Magnet has r […]

  In the past two years, the price of SmCo Magnet has risen and then risen. Then why do the prices of many magnets such as SmCo Magnet continue to rise and not fall? This is mainly because our SmCo Magnet and other magnets require various rare earth elements in rare earth. These elements are indispensable in our regular magnet production process, so the rise in the price of SmCo Magnet is due to the rise in the price of rare earth. The main reasons for the increase in rare earth prices are the following two points:

  1. China's protection of rare earth, a non-renewable resource, and its rectification plan

  We in China have been rectifying the rare earth and its rare earth industry in the past two years, making this industry sustainable for a longer period. It is essential to shut down some backward technologies and be unable to keep up with production capacity. Of small minerals. At the same time, it also integrates some companies to make them more equipped with better technology. Through these measures, the number of companies that mislead rare earth minerals in the entire industry has been greatly reduced. Fewer companies are supplying rare earth minerals, competition will not be as fierce as before, and prices will naturally rise. This is also a powerful means for China to protect the rare earth mineral industry.

  2. Europe, America, and Japan are too dependent on China's rare earth mineral resources.

  From some of the earliest news, the three parties of Europe, America, and Japan expressed dissatisfaction with China's restrictions on the export of rare earth mineral resources. Recently, Europe, the United States, and Japan have taken some actions to force China to lift restrictions on rare earth mineral resources. This has caused the quartet of rare earth wars between China, the United States, Europe, and Japan to escalate again. Some time ago, the editor also published an article titled: "Re-escalation of the Tripartite Rare Earth War between China, Europe, America, and Japan". China has resisted the three parties, Europe, America, and Japan alone for so long. It shows that our country attaches great importance to this industry.

  Many people will wonder, can't Europe, America, and Japan import from other countries? Do they have no rare earth resources in their own country? When it comes to these two issues, we need to talk about them separately. But one thing that cannot be denied is that the price of rare earth in China is very, very cheap.

  As far as the EU and Japan are concerned, the two parties do not have any rare earth resources in their own countries and regions. In this regard, it can be said that they are poor countries and regions with rare earth minerals. Then why do we have to import rare earth resources from our country? These are the extremely cheap rare earth resources in our country as mentioned above, and the export volume is very large, and their demand is also very large. If the two parties purchase rare earth minerals in other countries, firstly the price is relatively high, and secondly, several The country can only purchase the rare earth they need. To get rid of dependence on rare earth ore, the Japanese magnet industry is studying new types of magnets. Some time ago, Japan has developed a new type of ferrite SmCo Magnet that does not contain rare earth elements.

  What about the United States? The United States is because the rare earth mining in their homeland is more expensive than those purchased in our country in the United States. At the same time, the United States is also to better protect these non-renewable strategic resources, so it has its rare earth mines. Close it first! Just like the United States has sealed its oil fields and other non-renewable resources, first use other countries' products and then use their products when other countries run out.

  If China wants to protect rare earth mining, it must raise the price of rare earth. It's not that the current Ningbo magnet price is high, but the price of our rare earth sold in the past is incredibly low. The previous price was once jokingly called the "cabbage price" by many people. That's why our country is so strong on its own. Resist the oppression of the three parties!

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