What Harm Does Alnico Magnet Have To The Human Body?


  What harm does alnico magnet have to the human body? […]

  What harm does alnico magnet have to the human body? It depends on the strength of the magnetic field. Generally speaking, an Alnico magnet below 3000 Gauss (magnetic field unit) is not harmful to the human body, and an Alnico magnet with a magnetic field strength above 3000 is harmful to the human body. Although alnico magnet is harmful to the human body, it is negligible. Some people are afraid that the magnetic field will affect the body, but according to the test, the influence of the magnetic field on the human is only one-fifth of the TV.

  Is the magnetic field harmful to the human body? Because the earth itself has a very strong magnetic field, people themselves have a kind of adaptation and even dependence on magnetism. A weaker and stable magnetic field is good for the body, and magnetic therapy is often used in medical treatment. Electromagnetic waves are different. It is a high-energy wave whose frequency can have a bad effect on the body. Therefore, alnico magnet is not harmful to the human body.

  The alnico magnet bracelet is neither harmful nor beneficial to the human body. There are nuclear magnetic fields in medical equipment, and high magnetic fields above 3T are not harmful to the human body. Everyone agrees that among all radiology medical equipment, nuclear magnetics is the safest. In other words, people are not afraid of magnetic fields, but more afraid of rays. High magnetic fields do have a certain negative impact on the human body, but the alnico magnet in the alnico magnet bracelet is limited, and it is impossible to cause any impact on the human body. Some people claim that alnico magnet provides the magnetic force that changes physiological tissues, and even think that every cell has positive and negative poles. Others claim that an alnico magnet can increase blood circulation. There is no evidence that there is any interaction between human tissue cells or blood and magnetic fields. The iron ions in red blood cells are not ferromagnetic, or even diamagnetic, and will not be attracted by magnetic fields. It is well known that hot compresses can promote blood circulation. As a result, the skin will turn red. If an alnico magnet can promote blood circulation, why is there no redness in the skin that is in direct contact with the alnico magnet?

  The effect of magnetic therapy is only the so-called psychological suggestion ability, and it does not have a very direct and obvious medical effect. The alnico magnet bracelet continuously stimulates the microcirculation system of the wrist through weak magnetic lines, which has a very weak effect on promoting blood circulation, improving the physiological magnetic field of the human body, and eliminating fatigue. It does have certain benefits for sleep, but not much. Wearing an alnico magnet bracelet for a long time will not cause any harm to the human body.

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