Where are SmCo Magnets Useful?


  Mar cobalt magnet is the second most common rare eart […]

  Mar cobalt magnet is the second most common rare earth magnet.

  They can be used in the hottest and coldest temperature ranges (although certain temperature fluctuations have a greater impact on SmCo magnets).

  The most knowledgeable magnet buyers will ask them about 6 aspects of the magnet they want to buy. Before ordering SmCo Magnet, you need to know all of the following.

  Main features of m cobalt magnet

  SmCo magnets are known for their durability. They show excellent corrosion resistance, so that they do not require any corrosion protection. SmCo magnets have high magnetization integrity because they can easily resist demagnetization.

  The temperature stability of SmCo magnets is excellent. They can work up to 500°C without any loss of magnetization.

  SmCo magnets have different grades and shapes, so they can meet the needs of many applications. The shape and size of the magnet can be adjusted to any configuration you can think of in our custom processing workshop. The highest grade of SmCo magnet is 28 MGOe.

  Common applications include use in automobiles, ships, medical, aerospace, military, industrial automation, and similar industries that are critical to high performance. Consider pumps, motors, machinery, medical equipment, etc.

  The bonding application of m cobalt magnets is very common. Regularly use epoxy resin to assemble them into products and properly prepare their surfaces (clean and dry).

  Safety procedures are very important for maintenance because these magnets can be held together with great force. They are hard and brittle, and can shatter into sharp dangerous objects. They are known to shatter when they bite at a distance, but they also shatter when dropped at an unfortunate angle. Ensure that all personnel handling these magnets can handle them carefully.

  Compared with neodymium?

  SmCo magnets are not as high in energy as neodymium magnets, but they perform well under high temperature conditions that neodymium magnets do not.

  SmCo magnet is the more expensive of the two, but when power and high temperature resistance are required, it is by far the best product.

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