Why Neodymium Magnets Are Ideal For Creative Closure Concepts?


  Speaking of marketing display, packaging or manufactu […]

  Speaking of marketing display, packaging or manufacturing industries, aren’t we all looking for a summary? Designers have been working hard to create innovative and attractive display designs that are both practical and reliable. So how do they create stylish, unique designs that can stand the test of time? The small and powerful rare earth magnets, also known as neodymium magnets, are a designer’s dream for many reasons:


  Rare earth magnets are reliable


  Neodymium magnets contain a lot of holding power in a very thin, compact magnet. Neodymium magnets are usually coated with nickel to prevent corrosion, although you can make them in many different finishes according to your project needs. The beauty of using neodymium magnets as closures is that they never wear out. Another advantage of using rare earth magnets in bottle caps is that they are lined up in a row every time without making mistakes, thus providing a perfect seamless cap.


  Rare earth magnets are cost-effective


  Neodymium magnets come in various shapes, sizes and strengths, so you will definitely find one that suits your project and price point. Most standard sizes of neodymium are quite cheap, especially when ordering in large quantities. They provide a high-end feel to your project without the high-end cost. Using rare earth magnets provides you with different options and can also help you reduce costs. For example, instead of using two magnets as a set in the closure, you can use a magnet and a magnetic receiving plate. The latter provides a more cost-effective closure, thereby providing the same end result.


  Depending on your application, you can choose to use magnets with pre-coated adhesives, or if you can give up the convenience of adhesives in your application, you can decide to use ordinary magnets as a cost-saving measure.


  Rare earth magnets produce attractive designs


  The use of neodymium magnets in packaging and sealing is more beautiful than snaps, buttons, adhesives or Velcro. Many times, people have never even seen magnets because they are so powerful that they can be embedded and hidden in the packaging to make the packaging look stylish, without closing the product that takes the attention of the product, while providing a strong foundation. Magnets provide an elegant look and feel to the packaging and are second to none.


  The evolving packaging design innovation continues to use new materials to create stylish designs. Packaging designers, manufacturers and marketing agencies have unanimously adopted magnets as their choice.

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