What Is A Furniture Magnet And What Types Are There?


  We see more and more introduction of magnets in furni […]

  We see more and more introduction of magnets in furniture every day, and most of the applications of magnets in furniture are to facilitate our daily work. The most commonly used magnets are:


  Rectangular magnets on metal plates: This type of magnet is used for metal furniture.


  Locking magnets: This type of magnet is one of the most widely used magnets because they are used in door applications.


  Adjustable magnet: Because of the molded plastic shell, it can be adapted to any area.


  Embedded or snap-on magnets: This type of magnet is press-fit and is known for its small magnets.


  Furniture magnets are magnetic accessories that facilitate the operation of furniture. This type of magnet has many uses, such as keeping doors and cabinets closed. Depending on the function we want to cover, there is one type of magnet or other types. However, the most used magnets in furniture are neodymium magnets because of their endless characteristics.


  What types of magnets are there?


  The use of magnets on furniture has brought us many advantages, such as ease of installation and long-term performance. Furniture magnets can be divided into:


  Furniture door magnet: The magnet installed on the door can act as a lock or stopper. If we are destined to close this, it will facilitate and ensure that it closes. However, if we use it as a stop, we can avoid the friction of the door and the wall or the abrasion caused by unintentional impact. In addition to these functions, due to their magnet attraction, they can also perform door opening functions to prevent the door from slamming or closing. When the magnet is used as the opening function, these are more comfortable than other types of magnets, which will be safer and will avoid noise.


  Furniture magnets are used as magnetic locks for cabinets or drawers: a magnetic lock is a magnetic element that can be safely locked. The magnetic lock has silent operation and smooth closing. There are many types of magnetic locks: locking magnet, adjustable, snap-on, and magnetic ferrite profiles. The magnetic lock is activated at the moment the current passes, and when the current is closed, the door can be opened.

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