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Q: My father had a pacemaker implanted. Is it safe for […]

Q: My father had a pacemaker implanted. Is it safe for him to use neodymium magnets?

  Answer: Neodymium magnets have a strong magnetic field, which can damage many medical devices including pacemakers. Anyone who uses a pacemaker should not operate any type of strong magnet to avoid serious complications.

  Q: Why are neodymium magnets difficult to use? When working on handicraft projects, I can hardly separate them.

  Answer: The strong magnetic force of neodymium magnets may also be its biggest disadvantage. When two of these magnets form a bond, it is difficult to destroy them. You can use a sturdy plastic plate to "scrape off" various parts of the block magnet assembly, or you can try to slide the two magnets in different directions to weaken the bond.

  Highest magnetic

  Q: Why is it difficult for Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer to find N52 magnet manufacturers

  A: N52 grade NdFeB magnet has the highest magnetism of N grade. Therefore, we can know that the surface Gaussian of N52 5*5 is better than that of N45 5*5. In the test, if three magnets of the same shape and size but of different grades are used, we will find that the N52 neodymium magnet is 14% stronger than the N45 neodymium magnet and 60% stronger than the N35 neodymium magnet. Generally, N45 magnets will be ideal for many production solutions.

  N52 is not a good choice, because the magnetism is too large, not many customers need such a large magnetic magnet.


  Compared with other grades of magnets, N52 grade magnets are expensive. Under normal circumstances, the material of N52 is nearly US$10/kg higher than other grades of magnets. Maybe you want to know why the material is so high. This is because N52 is not easy to produce. It needs a special formula to be produced. In China, even in many countries/regions, few companies know how to produce. But Osenc did it. In fact, many customers in other countries/regions have already purchased N52 from us.

  Difficult to produce

  NdFeB magnets are difficult to find like antiques, and limited by modern NdFeB magnet sintering technology, Japanese sintering technology can indeed sinter and produce materials that are truly compatible with N52 NdFeB magnets. Generally, N35 NdFeB magnet material is F64*54*35. Normally, the magnetization direction of NdFeB magnet material will not exceed the length and width of the material, because if the material is magnetized, when the direction is higher than the length and width of the material blank, the magnetization direction will exceed the length and width of the material. The length and width of the material. Magnetic molecules cannot reach consensus.

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