Neodymium Disc Magnets Are An Amazing Way To Protect Safety


From preventing shoplifting to preventing disasters at […]

From preventing shoplifting to preventing disasters at gas stations, Neodymium Disc Magnets play a unique role in the safety of places you dare not even doubt.

  You may be surprised to find that magnets are used in some very useful and surprising applications rooted in security. This is the best choice for our selection of magnets to keep us safe and healthy.

  Separate air pump

  If you have ever witnessed someone driving away from a gas station and the gas pump is still connected to their car, but the gasoline is not gushing like the old faithful, there may be a magnet behind this safety system.

  These hoses are called separate pumps, and when sufficient force is applied without damaging the air pump, these hoses will cleanly divide into two parts. Magnetic couplers with rare earth magnets provide strong and reliable clamping. No fireball, no explosion.

  Retail security

  We all heard annoying beeps because someone tried to leave the store without purchasing or canceling the purchase of the security tag. These small devices are called acousto-magnetic tags or magnetostrictive tags, and they have a lot of deterrent power to prevent shoplifting.

  Inside the label is a magnetostrictive metal strip and a semi-magnetic hard metal strip. Together they convert magnetic energy into mechanical vibration. If there is no demagnetization, the sensor at the outlet of the retailer will read the energy and generate an alarm.

  Another popular security measure used by retailers is the magnetic nail hook lock. In this case, the product will still be displayed to shoppers, but it cannot be accessed without the magnetic key.

  Both of these simple magnetic security options can help retailers reduce shrinkage and save consumers money in the long run.

  Retail security hard magnetic tags and soft magnetic tags provide retailers with different security options.

  Door lock

  Magnet key cards are another everyday example of safety and security. Although credit card companies may have abandoned magnetic strips, hotels around the world are still using access control key cards with magnetic strips. The magnetic stripe is programmed with information read by the sensor in the lock to determine whether the lock can be opened. These key cards are easily reprogrammed for each new guest.

  Other uses of magnetic locks are harder to see. The hidden magnetic lock uses a hidden magnetic lock. When closed, it seems that there is no door at all. When a powerful magnet is placed on the hidden latch, the door will open. This type of magnetic lock is widely used in various safes, baby locks on cabinets and areas that require smooth surfaces.

  Safety sensor

  Many home security systems rely on Sm2Co17 magnets to use some of the most widely used components. We believe that doors, windows and entry sensors can alert us to intruders or notify us when children open the door.

  You might think that cutting-edge technology will drive these systems, but these safety devices are really just basic reed switches. Reed switches are simple electrical switches that can be operated by the presence of magnets.

  In the case of home safety, move the sensor from the magnetic field to trigger an alarm. Because they are very sensitive to interference, reed sensors can be used as ideal entry alarms.

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