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In order to obtain the best magnet performance, it is e […]

In order to obtain the best magnet performance, it is essential to cooperate with experienced magnet engineering and manufacturing teams. Zhijiang Magnet has more than 40 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise in this professional field. We are able to use sophisticated FEA tools with magnetic, thermal, and stress analysis capabilities to completely design Strong Neodymium Magnets magnetic parts and components for specific applications. Contact us immediately or send us a request for quotation to discuss any requirements of your project.

We provide a large number of standard and advanced sa cobalt magnet materials to reduce production and delivery time. The grades of SmCo sintered magnets we provide range from 16 MGOe to 33 MGOe. Please visit our SmCo magnet material page for additional information and data sheets about this material.

Size and shape-standard cobalt magnet shapes include discs, blocks, rings and arc segments of various sizes and grades. You can also customize non-standard shapes to design specifications based on the original drawings. We can custom manufacture cobalt magnets of almost any shape and size to meet the exact requirements of your project.

Temperature considerations-cobalt-cobalt magnets have very stable magnetic properties that change with temperature and can be used in applications up to 572°F (300°C). They perform well in applications where the stability of magnetic properties is critical.

The manufacturing method of cobalt-cobalt magnet is very fragile, so it is easy to chip and break. Therefore, special processing techniques involving diamond grinding must be used to process the material before magnetization. We are fully capable of handling these materials according to the special requirements of your project.

Surface treatment-Macalbal has very good corrosion resistance, so coatings to prevent corrosion or oxidation are usually not required.
Note on magnetization and assembly-SmCo magnets are anisotropic and can only be magnetized in the orientation direction. In order to saturate these materials, a magnetization field exceeding 50 kOe is required.

Handling and storing cobalt cobalt magnets is very fragile, but very magnetic. Therefore, special care must be taken when handling these components to avoid personal injury and magnet damage.

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