Different Applications Of Magnets In The Mining Sector


  The relationship between magnets and mining is much l […]

  The relationship between magnets and mining is much larger than it might seem at first glance. First, because many magnetic components or non-magnetic but magnetized components used to make household and industrial magnets are extracted by the mining industry, and then processed and processed until the magnets are configured as they are. The final version.


  Extract minerals via magnet


  However, this is not the only relationship between these magnets and the mining industry. Therefore, it must be borne in mind that when extracting minerals (such as coal), various machines and mechanical equipment are used in the extraction process, usually using electrical energy and electronic components for operation, and the mechanical devices of these components are equipped with magnets.


  In addition, the machinery used in the mining industry must be protected from the magnetic materials present in the mining mineral layer on a regular basis. Therefore, if the machine is not properly protected by placing defensive magnets when mining coal in the mine, the magnetic minerals present in the coal may eventually cause some type of damage to the machine and the machine. Of course, its presence will contaminate the material being extracted.


  This type of magnetic material is called "contaminated ferrous metal material" in the mining industry, and has the particularity that it can damage the machine and significantly shorten its service life. However, a magnetic strip can be installed in the machine to protect the machine dedicated to mining activities.


  Magnet for mineral cleaning


  In addition, once the aggregate is extracted, another application of magnets in the mining industry will enter during the processing of raw materials. Therefore, for example, in the case of coal, such coal extracted in mining activities must be washed and processed in order to be useful and effective as a combustible material. Although other purification technologies such as coal washing do come into play, the action of magnets along the conveyor belt can remove the magnetic charge of coal or any other raw material extracted from the mine and materials that may contaminate its magnetic source.


  These magnetic materials present in aggregates transported by conveyor belts in the mining industry can be extracted and separated by magnets (such as IMA OV-E), which remove magnetic parts from the equipment and keep them clean, or for example by magnetic plate fins Responsible for performing the same types of activities, not only in the mining industry, but also in the food industry used in similar ways.


  Therefore, as we have seen, the manufacturing of magnets and magnetic materials is not only extracted from the earth through the mining industry, but they also play a very important role in the extraction of any other minerals, not only protecting the machine that extracts it, but also in the entire The process continues to play a role, so that the extracted raw materials are not affected by any magnetic materials that may contaminate it.

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